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Day Hike: Winsor Trail to Raven’s Ridge and Deception Peak ~ Santa Fe National Forest ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

Friday, June 16, 2017

Given the elevation of Deception Peak (12,343 feet), we were a little concerned that, in mid-June, we would run into snow and ice as we approached the higher elevations. Just to be safe, we packed our micro-spikes.  We did encounter some remaining snow above 11,000 feet, but it was minimal. So we didn’t need our spikes, and the snow just added to the beauty of the area.

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Day Hike: Aspen Vista ~ Sangre de Cristo Mountains ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

With the onset of Fall, we drove up to Santa Fe to do the Aspen Vista hike and check out the color change. Apparently, everyone else had the very same idea because the place was packed with cars and people — even at 0930 on a Wednesday morning! 🙂

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Day Hike: Winsor Trail to Nambe Lake ~ Sangre de Cristo Mountains ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

July 25, 2013

Group hike with the ASCHG.

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Day Hike: Buckman Mesa ~ New Mexico, USA

Buckman Mesa sits right along the Rio Grande River across and a little northeast from the  town of White Rock, NM. This area is northwest of Santa Fe.

On May 8th., I hiked with the ASCHG up to the mesa, then across the mesa and up to the top of Otowi Peak. Elevation at the trail head is 5,468 feet (1,666m) and at the top of Otowi Peak it is 6,542 feet (1,994m) for an elevation gain of 1,074 feet (327m). Took 2 hours to hike the 2.1 miles to the peak. Winds were pretty brisk on the peak, but settled down while we were eating lunch. Good views in all directions. There is a USGS survey marker at the top (see the pics). I saw one of those on my Cerro Grande hike, too (see earlier post).

And we actually saw a horned toad on the mesa (see the pics)! That is the first horned toad I have seen since I was a kid living in West Texas. Back then, they were everywhere. Now, they are on the endangered list.

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