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Day Hike: Winsor Ridge Trail to Stewart Lake ~ Pecos Wilderness ~ Cowles, New Mexico USA

Friday, August 18, 2017

On Marty’s suggestion, we drove up to Cowles, New Mexico for a hike up to Stewart Lake in the Pecos Wilderness.  This was a hike of two extremes: The extreme beauty of the Winsor Ridge Trail going up… and the extreme mess along the Winsor Creek Trail coming down. Fortunately, the first extreme far outweighed the second extreme!! 🙂 Read more…


Day Hike: Winsor Trail to Raven’s Ridge and Deception Peak ~ Santa Fe National Forest ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

Friday, June 16, 2017

Given the elevation of Deception Peak (12,343 feet), we were a little concerned that, in mid-June, we would run into snow and ice as we approached the higher elevations. Just to be safe, we packed our micro-spikes.  We did encounter some remaining snow above 11,000 feet, but it was minimal. So we didn’t need our spikes, and the snow just added to the beauty of the area.

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Quick Pic: Stewart Lake ~ Pecos Wilderness ~ Cowles, New Mexico, USA

Got a pretty good pic of Marty and I at Stewart Lake on this past Friday’s hike (Elevation: 10,300 Feet). Read more…

Backpacking: San Pedro Parks Wilderness ~ Cuba, New Mexico, USA

Tuesday, July 5, 2016
Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Overnight backing trip to the San Pedro Parks Wilderness (SPPW) near Cuba, New Mexico. Hiked three trails: the Vacas Trail (#51), Damian Trail (#436), and the Palomas Trail (#50).

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Day Hike: Aspen Vista ~ Sangre de Cristo Mountains ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

With the onset of Fall, we drove up to Santa Fe to do the Aspen Vista hike and check out the color change. Apparently, everyone else had the very same idea because the place was packed with cars and people — even at 0930 on a Wednesday morning! 🙂

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Day Hike: Las Conchas Trail ~ Santa Fe National Forest ~ New Mexico, USA

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

After hiking the Coyote Call Trail, we headed south on Hwy. 4 to hike the Las Conchas Trail before returning to ABQ. Due to road construction, only one lane was open near the trail head, so we had to wait for the “Follow Me” truck to come back. Once we arrived at the trail head, we simply dropped out of the “Follow Me” line of cars, drove across the road construction, and parked.

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Day Hike: Coyote Call Trail ~ Valles Caldera National Preserve ~ New Mexico, USA

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Drove up to the Valles Caldera for the first of two short hikes today. Highway 4 is a scenic, and usually pleasant, drive, unless you get behind a slow-moving construction vehicle, like we did.  We were forced to crawl along behind that vehicle all the way up, and into, Jemez Springs where we encountered road construction, which is where the construction vehicle was headed. Should have known! After getting past all that, we made pretty good time until we encountered even more road construction in the area around the Las Conchas Trail Head. Seemed like it took forever to get up to the Valles Caldera and the Coyote Call Trail Head

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