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Day Hike: Las Conchas Trail ~ Santa Fe National Forest ~ New Mexico, USA

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

After hiking the Coyote Call Trail, we headed south on Hwy. 4 to hike the Las Conchas Trail before returning to ABQ. Due to road construction, only one lane was open near the trail head, so we had to wait for the “Follow Me” truck to come back. Once we arrived at the trail head, we simply dropped out of the “Follow Me” line of cars, drove across the road construction, and parked.

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Day Hike: Stable Mesa to Kiva Ruins ~ Jemez Mountains ~ New Mexico, USA

June 13, 2013

Today’s ASCHG group hike was supposed to go up Windsor Trail in the Pecos Wilderness; however, due to high fire danger, the National Forest Service closed the Pecos Wilderness a week ago. Rather than cancel the hike altogether, the hike leader decided we would change course and hike up to Stable Mesa and visit the ruins.

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