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Making Plans for My First Backpacking Trip

A friend and I are planning a trip into the back country, northeast of Cuba, New Mexico, USA, in the San Pedro Wilderness. This is just north of the area where I went snowshoeing last December. Mid-June looks like a good time for this trip. Snow should be melted, with mild days and cool nights. This area is beautiful and there are a number of small rivers where we will be hiking and camping.

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Suunto M3 Compass

How easy is it to get lost or turned around in the wilderness? Very easy!! This point was driven home last September when I went on one of my first hikes. Actually, it wasn’t even a hike. My friend and I just wanted to walk a little way up the Windsor Trail in the mountains outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is a heavily wooded area and after about a ten minute walk, we decide to venture off trail a bit to look around. We didn’t go far at all, but we did go far enough to lose sight of the trail and we didn’t have a topo map, compass, or a GPS with us. We tried to retrace our footsteps to get back to the trail, but couldn’t find it. In this area, I knew we would eventually locate the trail, but when we did, we were about 50 yards down-trail from where we had originally left it! Lesson learned. 🙂

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