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Heads Up: Cost of a Senior Pass is Going Up!!

If you are 62+ years old and haven’t purchased your Senior Pass, you better do it now before the price goes up. Way up!!!!!!!

Through August 27, 2017, you  can purchase a Senior Pass for only $10 and the pass is good for your lifetime. On August 28th., the price for the lifetime Senior Pass will increase to $80.

You can purchase a Senior Pass here in ABQ at any forest service office, such as the Sandia Ranger District on Hwy. 337 in Tijeras, the Petroglyph National Monument on Unser, or the Cibola National Forest Service office, north of Osuna at Chappel. I believe you can also purchase the pass at the BLM office.

Among other things, the Senior Pass is good for free entrance to national parks (like the Grand Canyon), a 50% discount on camping fees (like at Chaco Canyon), but around here, it is good for free parking at the Sandia Crest and at any fee-trailhead within the Cibola National Forest.

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Solo Backpacker… Trapped… Helpless… Hopeless…

About once a month, I have a habit of jumping on Google and searching for stories about lost hikers. Sometimes a lost-hiker story has a happy ending. Sometimes it doesn’t. I do this to remind myself how easy it is to get in trouble while hiking if you go out unprepared, especially in the back country. These story-reminders keep me on my toes, keep me from getting lazy when it comes to packing the extra supplies I would need in case of an emergency, even on day hikes, and even when I’m hiking with a group.

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Lions… and Tigers… and Bears…

I have hiked a lot and even done a little backpacking. I never see wildlife. Well, okay, there was that close encounter with a rattlesnake. Other than that, a deer or two, and a split second view of the south end of a north bound elk. That’s about it, not that I really want to get within eye-shot of a lion, or even a bear. But I hike in the wilderness. I’m supposed to see wildlife. Well, except for Tigers.

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First Cactus Flowers

April 24, 2014

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not really into flowers and birds. Well, I hiked the Old La Luz Trail today in the Sandia Mountains and, on the way up, I saw the first (for me, anyway) cactus flowers of the year. And this cactus was the only one in bloom on the entire trail… and the flowers were so bright red and beautiful (pretend I didn’t say that)… and impressive enough (keep pretending)… even to a florally-challenged individual like me… I had the strangest urge to take a picture.

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Grand Canyon National Park ~ Arizona, USA

November 13, 2013

On my way to Vegas, took a side trip up to the Grand Canyon National Park (GC). This was my second visit to the GC, but on this trip, I used the shuttle buses to get around. I got some pics of the Bright Angel Trail, too, which I wasn’t expecting. If I ever get to backpack the GC, for that first trip, I would probably hike down into the canyon on the South Kaibab Trail and use the Bright Angel Trail to hike up and out. That hole in the ground is impressive and about a mile deep and, as I understand, it takes a day to hike down to the Colorado River and 2-3 days to hike back out. Entry to the park is $25/per car, but my Senior Pass got me in free.

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Road Trip (Day 4 of 4): Big Meadows ~ Colorado, USA

September 23, 2013

Headed east on Hwy. 50 towards Blue Mesa Reservoir. Just before reaching the reservoir, we cut south on County Road (CR) 25 (Blue Mesa Road). CR 25 is a dirt road that runs through part of the Southern Ute Reservation and we followed it for 15 or so miles to Hwy. 149. Then south on Hwy. 149 through Slumgullion Pass, where we finally saw a good bit of snow from the recent storm. Then on to Lake City, Creede, and on over to South Fork. Then south on Hwy. 160 to Big Meadows Reservoir where we camped at Big Meadows Campground for our last night on the road. Elevation at the campground is around 9,300 feet.

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Road Trip (Day 3 of 4): Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park ~ Colorado, USA

September 22, 2013

Continued up Hwy. 550 through Silverton, Ouray, Montrose, and over to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. Our original plan was to camp at the top of the canyon, but as we sat talking with the ranger at the entrance gate, it started to rain. By the time we drove to the campsite, the rain was coming down so hard we decided to drive back to Montrose and spend our third night at a motel.

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