March 11, 2015

Hiked the old trail up to The Five again this morning. Just a quick post to note trail conditions which have much improved over the last couple of weeks. I left the trail head at 8:20 AM and was back to my car at 11:45.

Main trail and Tram Trail up to the Section 1 cutoff are clear of snow and ice. Well, there was one short patch of ice but it was covered with dirt so I didn’t need my Kahtoolas.

Section 1: Clear at the lower level but still plenty of snow and ice as you work your way up. Had to put my Kahtoolas on about a third of the way up this section and left them on all the way to The Five.

Section 2: A lot of snow and ice on the initial access, which is steep, and on the first half of the trail but clear after that.

Section 3: All clear.

Section 4: This section is always a slow melt because it drops down into La Cueva Canyon and is mostly under tree cover. From about a third of the way in, it is snow and ice all the way.

The Five: All snow and ice. Rock slide, as well.

Went up the rock slide a short way and found a nice, sunny boulder to sit on for a while. On the way up, I only saw two hikers who had to turn back because they didn’t have traction devices. When they left the trail head, there were no other cars, so they couldn’t figure out how I got ahead of them! Other than those two, I had the entire mountain to myself until I headed back down. Nothing beats the feeling of being alone in the wilderness! 🙂

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