April 24, 2014

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not really into flowers and birds. Well, I hiked the Old La Luz Trail today in the Sandia Mountains and, on the way up, I saw the first (for me, anyway) cactus flowers of the year. And this cactus was the only one in bloom on the entire trail… and the flowers were so bright red and beautiful (pretend I didn’t say that)… and impressive enough (keep pretending)… even to a florally-challenged individual like me… I had the strangest urge to take a picture.

However, just to prove the cactus flowers were NOT in control, I walked right on by, pretending not to notice, almost tripping when I took a quick look back (hey, I thought I heard a mountain lion), and made them wait until I was hiking back down and on my way out before I finally gave in to that strange urge and took a picture of them.

I’m posting this for all the other hikers I know who ARE into flowers and, believe me, they are legion, because these cactus flowers were demanding attention. And there’s the truth of it:  I was used and taken advantage of by a bunch of flowers just because I happened to have a camera with me. And you wonder why I’m not really into flowers. I mean, those cactus flowers committed a premeditated act in forcing me to appreciate their beauty against my will. 😉

So go ahead… click the pic… because I’m sure they want you to appreciate their beauty, as well.

Cactus Flowers

First Cactus Flowers on the La Luz Trail