May 29, 2013

A year ago, I attended an ASCHG meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to plan and schedule hikes for the last half of the year for three of the senior centers. I was so impressed with the process, I decided to blog about it. However, since I hadn’t originally intended to blog about the meeting, I didn’t take my camera with me. 😦

This year’s meeting was held today, so I grabbed my camera, went to the meeting, and took some pics of the process. I even shot a short video to try out the video aspect of my new camera. I have now added those images and the video to the blog entry from a year ago.

If you are not part of the ASCHG, this will probably not interest you. However, if you are part of the ASCHG and want to reread the blog article and check out the images and video, here is the link to that article:

My First ASCHG Meeting