Since joining, I’ve been on a number of hikes with the ASCHG and have met a number of nice and interesting people. One of the hike leaders invited me to attend a meeting where, among other things, hikes for the last half of the year would be determined. I was also invited to attend this meeting by one of the people who is responsible for pulling all the hiking information together and subsequently presenting the results to the ASCHG membership in a coherent manner. So, yesterday morning, I attended that meeting.

I must say, I left that meeting more than impressed.

Sticky notes plastered all over the board. Colored sticky notes on the right, each indicating a day where a hike was needed. Yellow sticky notes on the left side of the board, each indicating a hiking possibility, along with the name, location and degree of difficulty.

All potential hike leaders in possession of a copy of all the information contained on all the yellow sticky notes. Then down the row it went. Each hike leader, in turn, expressing their desire to take this or that hike out on this or that day. Van drivers indicating their willingness to drive for this or that hike on this or that day. Another person checking to see if the hike would be in a hunting-season area and, if so, what critter would the hunters be hunting, and what weapon would the hunters be using in their attempt to bring down the hunted. I mean, it would be totally unacceptable for ASCHG hikers to return home with hunting arrows imbedded in their posteriors! πŸ˜‰

A little discussion here. A little more discussion over there. Okay. Discussion over. Hike leader’s initials went on the bottom- left corner of the yellow sticky note. Van drivers initial’s went on the bottom-right corner. Yellow sticky note gracefully moves from the left side of the board to cover a colored sticky note on the right side of the board. Success. One hike down. Many more to go.

On and on it went, like a well-oiled machine, until all the color on the board, save yellow, could be seen no more. And it was done. Mission accomplished. Hikes for the last half of the year had been planned. And in a few scant days, it all miraculously appeared on the ASCHG website and, yes, it was presented in a coherent and easily digestible format. Once again, the collective hiking appetites of those fresh-air-breathing, trail-trudging, blister-busters who make up the ASCHG membership had been satiated once more.

Six months from now, the hike planners will get together and do it all over again. And, from what I can tell, every single one of them is doing this gratis, without pay, strictly as a volunteer. But isn’t that what life is all about… being of service to others?

Did it end there? Of course, not!

By the time I left that meeting, I had volunteered my services as a backup van driver and was ever-so-gently coaxed into becoming a backup hike leader. And not ones to waste time, they immediately declared me the new leader for a hike into Glorieta Canyon on June 26th., which is up near Santa Fe in the Sangre de Cristos Mountains. I guess in my short time with the ASCHG, I have engendered enough faith in my abilities as a hiker for them to bestow upon me this great honor which will allow me to function in the capacity of hike leader. Hmmm… wait a minute… now that I think about it, maybe they were just desperate!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

Okay… okay… all kidding aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and appreciate the opportunity to help out by volunteering to lead a hike next month. In fact, I’m looking forward to it!

Here are some pics and a video. Click on the first pic to start the manual slideshow: