Most challenging hike, yet! Hiked the La Luz Trail on April 11, 2012. Trail head is at 7,000 ft. (2,133m) and crest is at 10,300 feet (3,139m), so there is an elevation gain of 3,300 feet (1,005m). Total round-trip distance is 15 miles (24km), but had to turn back at the 5 mile (8km) mark due to snow and ice, so only hiked 10 miles (16km) round-trip and only 2,000 feet (609m) elevation gain. My feet hurt when this was over — good thing we didn’t go all the way to the crest!! 😉 Will revisit this hike later, now that the snow and ice has melted.

Click Here to go to a map that shows the Old La Luz Trail (shortcut) and main La Luz Trail on the same map, complete with information, pics, and navigation aids to help you locate and hike the old trail and cut 1.9 miles off your trek to the five mile marker.