Trish has this thing she does with someone she enjoys being around. She will walk right over to you until she has placed her very huge side right in front of your very small face. In Trish’s world, this means: I want you to scratch my belly.

If you don’t comply, she will usually swing her big head around and point to her belly with her nose. In Trish’s world, this means: Hey, you aren’t paying attention. I want you to scratch my belly… NOW! 🙂

When around Trish, you must remain aware of her head-swinging routine; otherwise, her head could collide with your head and… well… your head will always lose! This happened to Diana’s mother once. Trish swung her big head around to insist on a belly-scratch and she accidentally hit Diana’s mother right in the face. Mom ended up with a bloody nose, which turned out to be a good thing because for a while, they thought her nose had been broken. 😦

The interesting part of this story isn’t that Trish likes her belly scratched because all horses like to be scratched. What’s interesting is, when you start scratching Trish’s belly, she wants to reciprocate by scratching someone, too. She starts moving her lips around and all you have to do is put your back up to her mouth and she will give you a pretty good back scratch in return.

In Trish’s world, she makes you an offer that’s hard to refuse: “If you scratch my belly… I’ll scratch your back.” 😉

While Diana is scratching Trish’s belly, I’m enjoying a good back scratch from Trish!