Trish is a purebred Shire and was born August 20, 2003 at a breeding farm in Minnesota. Her registered name is Tonya Trish because her mother’s name was Tonya.

Even with the desperate efforts of breeders, Shires may one day go extinct because there are only about 4,000 in the world today, which is not enough to maintain a healthy gene pool.

Trish -- Proud and Magnificent

Shires originated in the United Kingdom and were first bred under Henry VIII as riding horses for nobility. During that time, Shires were referred to as the great horse or the war horse because they could carry knights in full armor for long distances and still maintain great speed.Β  As the need for horses in warfare diminished, Shires were bred less and less because, even though they are draft horses, their hot temperament — much more so than the typical draft horse — did not lend itself well to the needs of agriculture. For this reason, the Shires almost died out, which would have been a great loss, given their history. Today, Shires are considered the largest horse in the world and, because of their feet, they are often mistaken for a Clydesdale.

In an attempt to help save the breed, Tonya, Trish’s mother, was imported to Minnesota, in the United States, from the United Kingdom, and was bred with a Shire stallion named Bremmer. Trish was the result of that breeding. In 2004, while Trish was out playing with other young horses, the main barn at the Minnesota ranch caught fire and burned to the ground. Unfortunately, Trish’s mother, Tonya, and two other mares, were lost in that fire.

With Trish’s beauty, a number of people tried to buy her, but, each and every time, the sale either fell through, or the breeder canceled the sale due to a bad gut-feeling. That is, until Diana came along. Diana and the breeder talked for a while, gut-feelings on both sides supported the sale/buy, and, in 2007, Diana bought Trish for her personal horse — sight unseen over the phone. Relieved that Trish was going to a good home, the breeder told Diana, “It only took four years to find you!” πŸ™‚

The breeder, knowing Tonya was dead and Trish being the sole offspring of Tonya’s bloodline, decided they could not entrust her care to a shipping service, so, from Minnesota, they drove two days and one night to personally deliver Trish to Diana at her ranch, which, at that time, was located in Arizona. It was a done deal. Synchronicity that drew human to horse and horse to human played out in all its mystery and wonderment. It’s got to make you smile. πŸ™‚

Trish is the only horse at the ranch who has never experienced abuse or neglect. Other than the loss of her mother in a dreadful fire, she has known only kindness, although she is still cautious around people she doesn’t know (well, except for the new, ranch hand!). The bond and the partnership between Diana and Trish grows stronger every day, and the trust Trish shows in Diana is a most humbling experience in itself.

Every horse at the ranch has some interesting thing that sets it apart from the other horses. Trish is no different and I will post a video of Trish’s thing tomorrow!! Don’t miss it. πŸ™‚

My sincere thanks to Diana for willingly and patiently providing information on the horses, along with pics, so I have something to blog about!

Oh, BTW… Trish is eight years old today.

Happy Birthday, Trish!! πŸ˜‰

I seriously doubt I’m going to get any cake out of this one! 😦

Trish, literally flying with all feet off the ground! Gone like smoke. Gone like the wind.

Diana, Trish, Shabah, and Shiloh... all taking a snooze. Imagine the bond. πŸ™‚