Molly has developed a crack in her right, front hoof and she is limping slightly. While waiting for it to grow out, we are soaking her hoof in an antiseptic solution for 10-15 minutes a day to try and prevent infection.

This requires putting a rubber boot on her hoof and filling it with the antiseptic solution. She has to stand still for the 10-15 minutes the boot is on, so, to keep her from moving, the wait staff at the ranch serves her hay and water, and feeds it to her — mostly by hand.

Hmm… I wonder if Molly cracked that hoof on purpose!? 😉

Rubber Boot and Antiseptic

The boot went on first.

The we filled it with antiseptic solution (note the foam in the top of the boot).

Then Molly gets temporarily spoiled.

Hey... you mean I didn't really have to hold the bucket up for you all that time? 🙂