Marcus is a Warmblood, not sure what type, but probably Trakehner or Dutch. He is seven or eight years old and came to the ranch in February of this year. When he was four years old, he was living at a feedlot waiting for his turn to be shipped out to slaughter. At that time, his name was BaBa.

A friend of one of the feedlot employees bought him, but only kept him for a short while before selling him. BaBa was afraid of people because it was people who tried to control him through pain. This left him spooky, reactive, and somewhat unpredictable. The new owners didn’t have the experience to deal with BaBa and were afraid of his behavior. Their solution was to isolate him in an old-car junkyard they owned. With very little room to move around and no food to eat, BaBa slowly starved.

BaBa was spotted by someone who then contacted a lady who loves Warmbloods. She bought BaBa, who had become extremely underweight, and moved him from the junkyard to her place. She renamed him, Marcus, and promised that no one would ever hurt him again.

For about two years, things went well for Marcus. Unfortunately, at the end of 2010, a gate was either left open or not securely latched, and Marcus got out while his owner was at work. He ran loose along the streets until someone called the police. The police responded, but since the officers had no training in how to deal with a loose horse, they simply turned their siren on and began chasing Marcus.

In a panic, Marcus ran from the police car. He ran and ran and ran. He ran for almost five miles down a paved road. Then he suddenly turned off the road and ran straight into… a barbed wire fence.

As Marcus struggled to free himself, he became entangled in the barbed wire. With Marcus entangled, the police figured the situation was now under control, and they simply left poor Marcus there to fend for himself. The more Marcus struggled, the more he became entangled in the barbed wire. And with his every move, the barbs on the wire tore deeper and deeper into his skin.

When Marcus’ owner came home from work, she noticed he was missing. She drove the streets looking for him, until, finally, she found him — five miles away from home. By that time, he was almost motionless. He was suffering from shock. His chest was ripped open from the barbs and he had lost a great deal of blood. The owner cut him free and was able to get him back home. It was touch and go for a while, but Marcus’ wounds did heal, although it took a number of months. Today, he still carries the scars from his unfortunate incident with barbed wire.

Diana was interested in acquiring a Warmblood, but you don’t typically find them in this part of the country. When the opportunity to purchase Marcus presented itself earlier this year, she not only bought Marcus, she bought another Warmblood named, Max, as well. Marcus and Max now live peaceful and tranquil lives here at the ranch. I will introduce you to Max in a later article.

Marcus arriving at the ranch.


Working that hay bag.

Scars from his encounter with barbed wire.