You may recall from an earlier article that we have two feeding rings that hold hay for the horses. Initially, those two rings were in the back part of the main corral.

Previous location of the two feeding rings, in the main corral.

A couple of weeks ago, we moved both of them to the pasture directly behind the main corral. I referred to their new location as the Horse Cafeteria, although it was really more like a Horse Buffet.

Their present location, in the Horse Cafeteria, directly behind the main corral.

Apparently, the new cafeteria environment didn’t work out too well because Diana decided not to use it anymore. Since the cafeteria was really a buffet, I suspect the higher-ranked horses were keeping the lower-ranked horses from getting their fair share of hay. So the cafeteria went out of business, which meant the feeding rings had to be moved again.

If you look right between the heads of the two horses in the above pic, the main corral is on the other side of that fence. If you go all the way up past the trees, Horse Villas 1-4 are on the left and Horse Villas 5-6 are on the right

Here is a shot from up beyond the trees, looking back down the main corral to the Horse Cafeteria.

The Horse Cafeteria is on the other side of the fence, where all the horses are gathered.

Near the gate to the main corral, where Horse Villa 1 is located, there is a dirt road that leads up to the hay barn. Both feeding rings had to be moved from the cafeteria, all the way through main corral, and up the road to a spot near the hay barn where they will eventually be repaired, rewelded, and repainted.

The rings are too big and too heavy to pick up and move with the tractor, and we didn’t want to drag them. So, for one person to move a ring, it has to be turned up on its side and rolled. Oh, and in case you haven’t figured it out yet, that one person would be me… the more-than-willing, happy-to-oblige, very-personable, slightly-humorous, recently-acquired, part-time ranch hand. Whoa… that’s way too long for an e-mail address!!  But please note my use of the word, whoa. You have to say whoa every now and then when you work around horses. It just feels right. 🙂

After doing a 360 to confirm I was the only one in the vicinity of the feeding rings, that's exactly what I did... I turned the ring up on its side.

Once up on its side, it’s easy… there’s nothing to it… all you have to do is roll it to the new location. Yeah, that’s all you have to do…  roll it to its new location… it’s easy… nothing to it… right. 🙂

Rolling... Rolling... Rolling...

And, yes, it is uphill… all… the way… UP… to the hay barn!! 😉

Well, naturally, the ring didn’t want to roll straight. I think it needed a front end alignment because it kept pulling to the right. Easy to see why, too. Every few feet, I had to stop and push the front to the left in order to get back on course. I actually thought about getting inside of the ring and trying to walk it up that way, by pretending I was a hamster on one of those exercise wheels. Hey, my brain works like that, I was just curious about whether or not it would’ve actually worked! But a ranch hand acting like a hamster could be misconstrued as, well, madness, so I decided against it. Didn’t want Diana to think I’d lost my mind. 🙂

Got through the back gate and well into the main corral.

The ring made a heck of a lot of noise, too, like someone dragging an empty 55 gallon drum behind a car traveling at a real slow speed. When they saw — and heard — me coming, the horses got skittish and moved over to the right in order to get out of the way. They didn’t want any part of this contraption, whatever it was!

Made it out of the main corral. Now up the road to the right, which leads to the hay barn.

Success x 2! The wind blew them around a little, so ended up having to lay them down flat. And now we are waiting for someone to get on YouTube and learn how to use the welder. Oh... I guess that would be me! 😉

If you’re curious, the horses are now fed in their villas. A few of them are on a special diet, too, so it all works out well and no one gets short-changed when it’s chow time.

It was a great week and I’m looking forward to seeing what next week has in store for me. In fact, let me check my crystal ball…

Hmm… it says… more heat… more paint.

Whoa… I didn’t need a crystal ball to figure that out! 😉