To give the horses something different to do during the day — so they don’t get too bored — Diana bought some unique bags that hold hay. These bags would present an easy puzzle for the horses to solve, with a small amount of hay as a reward for solving the puzzle.

The two-part puzzle: What the heck is it? And: How do I get that stuff out of there?

Diana hung a number of these snack bags for horses around the main corral. Once the bags were up, the horses couldn’t resist the temptation. They now spend hours messing around with those bags trying to get the hay out, a little bit at a time. Horse boredom solved! 🙂

Snack Bag for Horses = No Horse Boredom

What the heck is it?

How do I get that stuff out of there?

Another snack bag generates even more interest.

The poor guy on the right decides the bag, alone, isn't challenging enough! 🙂