Am I talking about the 1968 hit song performed by Manfred Mann?

No. Not hardly. Not even close.

The Mighty Quinn of this story is not an Eskimo, like in the song, he is an Arabian horse that had the will to survive after being horribly neglected and virtually starved to death by the owner of the stable where he was boarded.

The Mighty Quinn before his stable ordeal began. He has a little bit of a sway in his back, but he was a good looking, healthy horse.

Quinn’s previous owner placed him at the stable in January, 2011. Just four months later, in May, 2011, Quinn’s owner was alerted to his dire condition by someone who saw him at the stable. Quinn’s owner then contacted Diana. Diana made a trip to the stable to see Quinn for herself.Β  According to Diana, Quinn was the worst starvation case she had ever seen and she was determined to do what she could to save him.

Quinn’s owner agreed to sign ownership over to Diana and Diana took possession of Quinn and transported him to her ranch. Her ranch is called Rising Sun Ranch and it is a sanctuary for neglected and abused horses.

Quinn is 21 years old and his condition was dire. When Diana picked him up from the stable, his face was so covered with flies it looked black. He was so weak he couldn’t even shake his head or swish his tail to try and keep the flies away.

Once Quinn got to Diana’s ranch, medical care was started immediately. On top of extreme starvation, he also had a massive internal infection, both, of which, created a strong stench of decay. When the vet came out and saw him, he said, “Oh, man. This is bad.” Full-strength antibiotic treatment was started, but Quinn’s condition was so bad no one really expected him to survive through the first night.

But survive, he did. That’s why I call him, The Mighty Quinn, because that horse had to have a mighty big will to live in order to survive. I think he must have sensed Diana was there for him and he responded in the best way possible, by fighting for his life and winning that fight.

The Might Quinn, at Diana's ranch, after being rescued in May, 2011.

The Mighty Quinn, at Diana's ranch, after being rescued in May, 2011.

The Mighty Quinn, at Diana's ranch, after being rescued in May, 2011.

Today,Β  The Mighty Quinn is recovering from his ordeal. He is steadily improving, but too weak to be put into the main corral where he would have to compete with the other horses for food and pecking order. So, for the time being, he is kept in a separate pasture with Charlie Boy. Charlie is so laid back and easy-going he is no threat to Quinn and the two of them have become good buddies.

The Mighty Quinn today. Recovering well and looking better all the time.

The Mighty Quinn hanging out with his buddy, Charlie Boy.

The Mighty Quinn and Charlie Boy enjoying the shade, the peace, and the tranquility of Rising Sun Ranch.

Now you understand why I have the utmost respect and admiration for Diana, and for what she is doing with her life, and for what she is doing at her ranch. I am honored to know her and fortunate to be able to work with her and learn from her.

As a postscript, whenever I get around Quinn, I always sing the Manfred Mann song to him, especially this part:

Come all without, come all within.
You’ll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn.

Quinn hasn’t kicked me out of his pasture, yet, so I guess he likes my singing!

Here it is if you want to sing along with me. Oh, come on. It’ll make you smile. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚