Last Wednesday when I came in, Christine was there and she had already cleaned the main corral. Apparently, she has no problem putting on a pair of gloves and going to work. Yet another nice aspect of her personality. You know, doing something that requires the exertion of energy, and gets you hot and sweaty, can sometimes help work the kinks out of your life, at least temporarily. I know it does for me, anyway. I thanked her for the help and went inquiring as to my next assignment.

Big mistake…

…because Diana was waiting for me and it didn’t take her long to wrap my fingers around… a paint brush!

Wait…wait… I want my horse manure back. 🙂

Okay, settle down. It’s not really that bad. Seems Horse Villas 1-4 need some paint. Time consuming, yes. Messy, yes. But no big deal, right? We’ll do it a little at a time. Did she say, we? No, I must be hearing things. Yes, I was hearing things. 🙂

Started painting the back of Villas 1 and 2. Worked a couple of hours, then Diana had mercy on me and pulled me off to do some more horse work. Yes!!

The back of Horse Villas 1 and 2 after a couple of hours of painting. Yes, I know, it looks like it was done by a professional painter. Hmm... it does look pretty good doesn't it? 😉

Now that I have experience cleaning Charlie’s hooves and giving him an afternoon shower, I get to do it again, today. Too cool! 🙂 Plus, I get to give three other horses their afternoon shower, as well: Quinn, Trish, and Molly. Don’t have a pic of Quinn, yet, but have one of Trish and Molly.

Giving all of them a shower… I think I’m going to get wet!

Trish is the black horse in the middle of the pic.

Trish is not a rescue horse, she is Diana’s personal horse. I will introduce you to Trish in a coming post.

This hot-looking blonde is Molly.

Molly is a Belgian, is about six years old, and has been at the ranch for a couple of years. She was being neglected and Diana got her for next to nothing. She has an awesome personality and, oh, she likes to flirt with the new ranch hand! 🙂

I always give the horses a hug whenever they come up to me, and I run my hands along their necks to let them know I am their friend and have their best interest at heart. It works, too. I am quickly bonding with them and I will bond with them even more as I go along.

Did Charlie first. Got his halter and went out into the pasture where he was grazing and I called to him. He looked up, saw me with the halter… and he walked right over to me and stopped so I could put his halter on. How cool is that? Things went pretty much the same as last time. Cleaned his hooves. Gave him a rubdown. Then gave him a cool shower. Charlie is so cooperative and laid back, I don’t even have to tie him up, he just stands there and takes it all in. After his shower, took him for a short walk around the ranch and you know where he wanted to go first — the rock!

Got back and did Quinn next. I will introduce you to him in a coming post. Put his halter on and lead him out for his shower. Quinn has a skin condition so had to use some medicated soap on him. Have to be more careful with Quinn because he is still acclimating to his new environment and can be a little skittish. After what he’s been through, who can blame him?

Then did Trish. As I said, earlier, I will introduce you to her in a coming post. Trish is a huge horse, but, just like Charlie, she is laid back and very cooperative. She loves her shower, too.

Did Molly last. Took her back under the trees for her shower. When it comes to showers, she is also like Charlie and Trish, laid back and cooperative. When you think about it, who wouldn’t be cooperative when getting a cool, afternoon shower when the temperature is over 100 degrees (F)?

After I got through, Diana’s husband came out and we stood near Molly and talked for a while. His name is George, too. We both feel weird about calling each other by our own name, so we’ve been trying to come up with some kind of a nicknames we can use.

Anyway, while we were standing there talking, Molly, apparently very appreciative of me giving her a shower, came up behind me and kept nudging me in the back. I would turn around and rub on her a little, then go back to my conversation. Not good enough. She starts nibbling the back of my neck… then pushing on the back of my hat… then starts biting the edge of my t-shirt and pulling on it… then tries to pull my bandana out of my back pocket… and then tries to pull my gloves out of my other back pocket. And it went on… and on… and on… with me occasionally turning around and giving her some attention and her not being satisfied and wanting more. Hey, wait a minute. This is starting to sound like one of my old relationships! But Molly flirting with me was a neat experience. I think this girl really likes me! 😉

Work was not done yet, though. Had to move two feeding rings from the main corral out to the pasture directly behind the main corral. Diana told me there was no bottoms in them and I could just lift them up on their side and roll them to their new location. So did just that. Took a few minutes to get the hang of it, but got it done. Moved a couple of other feeding troughs, as well, but used the tractor for that.

Moved two of these feeding rings from the other side of the brown fence to where they are now. Put some rubber mats under the rings to keep the horses from eating any loose dirt when they eat their way down to the bottom of the hay.

One of two feeding troughs we also moved.

The horses enjoying their new cafeteria.

Check out the dust. A bit of kicking going on. Gotta maintain the horse hierarchy when it's time to eat, otherwise you might get kicked out of the way.

And so another day on the ranch was done. I’m feeling right at home here, too. 🙂