In my last post, I mentioned that Christine was at the ranch. She has two horses boarded here and one of them, Johnny, is in need of some dental work. She was at the ranch because, believe it or not, there is a vet dentist in this area who makes house calls. Well, better make that stable calls because he operates a mobile dental service for horses. He designed a trailer that, after it is expanded and opened up, is a self-contained dentist office for horses. He drives one truck pulling one of those trailers and his assistant drives another truck pulling another one of those trailers. You have to see it to believe it.

A Mobile Dentist Office for Horses

Both rigs, but only the one on the left will be used.

The Patient Patiently Awaits

Johnny went into the holding area without a problem.

Open wide, Johnny.

Getting down to business.

I can almost hear Johnny: What the &#% did I do to deserve this!?

Johnny made it through his dental ordeal, but endured a lot of stress in the process. Diana told me later he was so stressed out he got sick and she and Christine had to stay with him until late that night before he settled down enough to be left alone. Plus, he will have to learn to chew his food differently after having some teeth filed down. 😦

Going to the dentist is never fun. Hopefully, Johnny won’t have to go through this again.