Things continue to crop up in my personal life and prevent me from going out to work on the farm. Didn’t get a chance to work out there at all this week. That means I have only been able to work two hours on the farm in the past two weeks. Very frustrating!!

I did take time to run out to the farm this morning, but just long enough to get some pictures and an update. The tractor had the bed maker hooked up — the bed maker is used to lay the drip lines as well as lay and tuck the plastic that will be used as mulch.

While I was out there, volunteers were watering, planting strawberries, and getting ready to lay more drip tape and plastic. I understand that tomatoes will be going in soon.


Tractor with bed maker

A closer look at the bed maker. You can see the two spools of drip tape behind the tractor's rear window. As the plastic is unrolled and stretched along the bed, the wheels hold the edge of the plastic flat, and the two discs hanging at the end (from the yellow arms) push dirt up over the edge of the plastic so it will stay down.

You can see two rolls of plastic mulch, one white roll and one black roll


Drip tape waiting to be centered and staked

Volunteer giving the bed its initial watering

The plastic goes over the raised beds and over the drip tape. Both colors help retain moisture in the ground. The white plastic reflects heat and helps keep the ground cool. The black plastic absorbs heat and helps keep the ground warm.

Volunteers poking holes and planting strawberries