Don’t have much to write about today. I was supposed to learn to drive the tractor, and then I was going use the tractor to brush hog the section of land next to the main farm. But when I got to the farm, Josh (the farm manager) had been called away on other things, so Sam (another volunteer) and I painted one of the side gates John-Deere green, which is the official farm color.

Sam has also been working to level out the area where we pulled up all the plastic the other day and he goes at it pretty steady. I like Sam and I like working with him, too. He joined the Peace Corps and is scheduled to leave for a two-year stay in Africa in early June. Guess he’ll have to check my blog while he’s over there to see what the harvest looks like!

I can’t believe this weather, either. A week ago, we had almost 8″ of snow, lows in the single digits, and highs in the teens. Today… it’s beautiful and 81 degrees!!

The raised beds that used to be here (see my previous post) have been graded and leveled to prep the area for new raised beds, new drip tape (for drip irrigation), and new plastic mulch.

Sam is putting the finishing touches on the side gate we painted John-Deere green. For those who don't know, John Deere makes tractors and they are painted this color. Hey, Sam... you missed a spot! 🙂